Just an Old Photograph

In the fall of 2007, I produced an episode of "All History is Local" entitled "Just an Old Photograph". In it, I tried to answer questions raised by this picture.

The one question I could not answer before the program aired was: "Who IS this woman?"

The only information I had was that the photo was taken about 1910, and on the back was inscribed "George, from Flossie".

So, who was George? And who was Flossie?

Flossie is usually a diminutive for Florence, so I looked through the Annual Reports, through birth records to find a child who would fit the approximate age. Then I checked marriage records to see if there were any names that would match in this time period.

There were two girls named Florence born in the time period, but there were no marriages between any George and any Florence.

It could be (I surmised) that George could be a relative of Flossie's. A brother or cousin. Or, perhaps, a friend with no romantic involvement.

Without any other clues, or information, I was at a dead end. All I could do, was ask the public for help.

Enter Judy Sorensen, who gave me the answer.

Our ladies' name is Florence Isabel Foster. She was born two years before the time I searched, and was not on my list. She lived from 1878 to 1912.

And she had an older brother, named George.

She was also Town Librarian from 1896 to 1909, so she was the first to serve as librarian in the building we now call the Historical Museum (my home away from home). Odd to think we were that close in space, if not in time, all along.

Mike Tredeau - Co-Chairman, Burlington Historical Commission - Host, "All History is Local"