TRAIL STOP 6: Woburn Second Parish Meeting House


This building was erected in 1732. It was to be the only place of worship in the Town of Burlington for 206 years. In the early church there were only long hard wooden ben­ches. Men sat on one side of the aisle, women on the other. Children sat in the gallery. There was neither a steeple, a bell nor chimney. There was no heat until 1826 when two stoves were installed. In 1827 lamps replaced candles. In 1846 ten feet were added to its length, a porch built, a steeple erected and a bell installed. In 1888 the church was again remodeled. This time the steeple was removed, the porch with its beautiful white pillars covered, and the en­trance changed. This is substantially the way the church of Christ Congregational is today.