All History is Local

Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, once famously said; "All Politics is Local". What that means is that what people pay attention to is what affects their lives. The same can be said of History: what affects the lives of people, what shapes the way they live, is local history. Every month, we'll highlight a portion of the story of how Burlington came to be what it is.

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  Show 01: We are History
OK, the title is a little pretentious, but it does tell the tale. This show introduces the Burlington Historical Commission, and the Historical Society.
  Show 02: The West School
A small, unpretentious building standing by the side of the road. Built while George Washington was President, later a garage, this was the start of the Historical Society.
  Show 03: The Old Meetinghouse - Part 1
In 1732, the Meetinghouse is built. For over 200 years, it is the center of all town activities. Even today, a place of worship and community involvement.
  Show 04: The Old Meetinghouse - Part 2
275 Years of history is too much for just one show. When finished, we realized there was even more to tell. Perhaps there will be a part 3.
  Show 05: The Historical Museum
A school. A Library. A Museum. A building with as many lives as a cat. Again, there's even more to tell.
  Show 06: Just an Old Photograph

Every picture tells a story. Every picture also asks a question, maybe more than one. What might we learn from this old photograph? You may be surprised.

And now we know her name.

  Show 07: A Tour of the Marion Tavern, Revisited
As the fate of the Marion Tavern is debated, it's worth a look back at when hope was high.
  Show 08: The Slaves of Burlington

For Black History Month, a look at a chapter of our History which is hard to face. All History is Local, but not all history is pleasant. It is, however, a story of ultimate triumph. Meet Venus Roe and Cuff Trot, two prominent Burlington Citizens.

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  Show 09: Marion Tavern: Behind the Chipped Paint
Marion Tavern did not just appear one day, it evolved. What did it originally look like? How did it come to be what it is? Watch, and find out.
  Show 10: A Walk in the Park

A gift to all the people of the area from a truly generous woman. Her story, and the story of how this gift might be lost. And a top secret missile base, too.

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  Show 11: History Through Art - Part 1
History is not only told through the written word. There are Artists who can tell stories with a brush. Here are two from Burlington's past: James Franklin Gilman, and Bill McNamara, telling us the Burlington they knew.
  Show 12: History Through Art - Part 2

History goes on, as does Art. Here are two current artists, who share their story with us: Jeff Weaver who (with Don Gorvett) painted the mural in the Historical Museum, and Donna Chadwick who is (with Vinny Sferrino, Mary Jane Lyons, George Garland, and Ed Oley) making the Police Station a more interesting place.

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