All History is Local

Season 2


  Show 13: Burlington Firefighting

Historical Commission Member (and all around nice lady) Toni Faria wrote a book about The Burlington Fire Department. How it grew from a few volunteers with a wagon load of milk cans filled with water, to a professional organization caring for a small metropolis.

Check out the book here.

  Show 14: Remembering Burlington
Once a year, members of the Burlington Historical Society, gather to just "Remember Burlington." Memories that should be shared by all.
  Show 15: 45 Years and More
The Historical Society turns 45 in 2009. A look at it's beginning, and the Society's Birthday Party.
  Show 16: 128
Where did that come from? What? That eight lane highway which has done more to change Burlington than almost anything else in its history, that's what.
  Show 17: The Vault
A place to keep the towns' documents safe. And meet Dan, keeper of the flame (so to speak).
  Show 18: A Moving Wall - Part 1

On a very hot July day in 1999, the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Memorial came to help Burlington celebrate its bicentennial. Tonight we talk to Bob Hogan and Betty McDouough of the Veterans Office about how it came to town

  Show 19: A Moving Wall - Part 2

Tonight, we talk to some of those who worked the Wall, and helped make this a special time.

And this time, it's personal.

  Show 20: Phase One

Yes, another show about Grandview (or, more properly; Grand View). Phase One of renovation is complete. Although the building is still a construction site, it's time to take a look inside to see the progress thus far.

And, yes, it's good!


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