All History is Local

Season 3


  Show 21: Marion Braley

History isn't just buildings, places, and events. It isn't just dates and documents, it's also people. This is a show about a woman who has lived some Burlington history.

  Show 22: What's in a name?
There are people who think that Burlington has no history. No history? All you have to do is look around, and you'll find history. This is the story behind some of the names we see our street corners every day.
  Show 23: What the Heck is it? (Part 1)
It may well be the oldest structure in Burlington, but what the heck is it? A root cellar? Hiding place for children? It's a question that's been debated as long as anyone in Burlington can remember.
  Show 24: What the Heck is it? (Part 2)

In this show, we shall explore how this amazing structure fits into the history, not only of Burlington, but of Massachusetts and the entire region. More fascinating facts (and not a little speculation) about this town's oldest mystery.

  Show 25: Where Did They Go? \ King Philips War (Part 1)
Still more questions. In the last two programs, we explored the possibility of the Wyman Chamber being of precolonial, Indian origin. The question now is: what happened to those people who lived here long before the Colonists? This requires that we explore the history of the region.
  Show 26: Where Did They Go? \ King Philips War (Part 2)

First plague, then war. History is not always pleasant, but is constantly fascinating. Tonight we reach the end of the bloodiest (per capita) war in American history, and the face of New England is changed forever.


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