All History is Local

Season 4


  Show 27: A New Beginning

2011 is looking like a banner year for Burlington History. The Marion Tavern will soon be open for business, and just as exciting: The Francis Wyman House is getting a major renovation. Let's take a look inside for the first time in fifteen years.

  Show 28: Thank You

After more than a decade, Marion Tavern/Grand View Farm is nearing the end of its renovation. It will soon be ready to become a useful part of town once more. Time to thank the people who've made this possible.

  Show 29: Welcome Home
It took 15 years, but the Francis Wyman House is open for visitors. Join us as the Wyman family, and their guests, are welcome home once again.
  Show 30: Francis Wyman House 1992

Most people in Burlington (your host included) never got to see the interior of the Francis Wyman House before the fire of 1996. Thanks to Rob Costa, a video made by two of his students as a class project gives us a rare look at what once was.

  Show 31: Bennett
The Bennett family has been part of Burlington History since its earliest time. Walter Bennett has lived in Burlington all his life. He remembers working in an orchard where Building 19 now stands, a saw mill in an area which is now a residential neighborhood. His bride Dottie points out he's related to just about everyone worth mentioning in Burlingtons past. And he's a really nice guy. Join me as I talk with Walter Bennett.
  Show 32/33: Three of Cups

Three of Cups are two ladies who make beautiful Music, and help make the past come to life with that music. Too much for just one show.

Part 1: Meet the Ladies - Part 2: Just Music

You can find their web site here:

  Show 34: A Look Around

We need to inventory the content of the Burlington Historical Museum. To do that, we need to pull everything together, and clean out the deadwood. An opportunity lies here: people ask what's in the basement, and I've always felt some of our best items are overlooked. Here is a chance to see both as we take a look around.




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